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To be of best individual service to my patients, I combine the knowledge and skills of scientific and complementary medicines, psychotherapeutic schools and bodytherapies.

As an academic teacher in the field of health sciences, I offer my knowledge to the students for their future work.

This website wants to encourage its visitors to further develope their studies and network their own observations.

A special part of this website (which not affiliated to my office site) is designed as an invitation to collaborate in the further improvement of integrative concepts and practice for health and medicine.

You may find on this site a network of links to the areas of integrative medicine, health promotion,somatics and consulting

Dr Milz` health blog


Uta Christ-Milz, MA, provides informations about her work in Somatic education, Feldenkrais work, Tai Chi and Esalen-Massage.


We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and would appreciate to get your comments.

Stay well or may you get well again,


Helmut Milz

Contact: Helmut.milz@t-online.de