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The link-network informs about four areas of health and medicine:

Integrative Medicine

Today we can integrate the best of scientific and complementary ( unconventional, traditional or alternative ) medicines for health and healing.

This integration becomes more urgent as we face limited economic resources for health care. It requires also a critical assessment of false claims or unethical behaviours on both poles of the mentioned spectrum of carers.

These links will connect you with people, institutions, centers and initiatives, which stand for best practice and solid experience in this rapidly developing field.







Mindful observations of our living bodies, their dynamics, functions and structures, can open a broad range of useful, surprising, incarnated options for promoting health and healing.

These links provide informations about people, somatic theories, methods and techniques - from ancient practices to modern insights and developments.





Health Promotion

Health is a dynamic process, a pattern, which connects the manifold interactions between living systems and their environments ( ecological, biological, social, economic, cultural, spiritual, psychological, personal ). It reflects the varying capacities of living systems to maintain their existential integrity . It can be promoted on each of its partial levels through dynamic equilibriums, and be harmed by prolonged excesses or deficiencies.

These links will lead you to people, theories, concepts and practices of public health promotion. They will connect you with institutions and organisations, who advocate, mediate and enable the implementation , accessibility and accountability of healthy policies.




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Consulting and mentoring

Health concerns are essential for modern management strategies. This is even true for organisational processes as for personal behaviours on all levels of the organisation. Functioning organisational bodies incorporate the principles of health promotion, integrative care and somatics.

These links connect you to best practice initiatives and consultancies in the area of organisational health, team management and personal mentoring for leadership.


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