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World Health Organization Europe:
Health Promotion and Chronic Illness - Discovering a new quality of health

(Co-edited with Kaplun, A.)
WHO Regional Publishing, European Series, No. 44


For people with chronic illness, the concepts of health promotion is still in its infancy. What is it that enables some people to cope better than others? What kinds of supportive environments and personal skills make it possible for some individuals and some families to deal with severe health problems more easily than others?

The collection of texts presented in this book explore answers to these questions and many others. They provide an overview and a scientific evaluation (with 533 bibliographic references) of some chronic conditions common to all industrialized countries: cancers, myocardiac infarction and chronic pain. The book takes stock of medical progress and practice, yet goes much further in exploring new avenues to health. The authors give many examples of ways to enhance the well-being of those who have to live with chronic health problems.

This book is essential reading for the entire range of groups working to reshape personal and public health in respect to chronic conditions. It may, for example lead politicians to wonder about the wisdom of current policies on funding spectacularbiomedical research projects, and stimulate them instead to consider stronger support to innovative and complementary approaches. Health planners and public health managers may derive many good ideas and concrete advice for the changes that need to be made in the current provision of health services and in their links with other public sectors. Doctors and other health professionals will find a wealth of reliable data and advice with which to answer their patients' questions more appropriately and more extensively. Self-help initiatives can also benefit from the experience of others, and may find new opportunities to expand their networks.

Above all, this book attemps to inform interested consumers about the many possibilities that are available for actively transcendeing the often devastating knowledge of having to live with the uncertainties of a chronic disease.

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"... a beautifully presented, clearly written and well-referenced book ... essential reading for those involved in the provision and delivery of health care..."

- Nursing Times

" ... The book is always thought provoking, and the ideas in it deserve to be considered by the mainstream health service..."

- British Medical Journal